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Some of Laura's favorite links!

If you enjoy Laura's shows and recordings, you might like some of the other projects Laura and her husband Pat been involved with.  Also, check out the work of some of our friends who have helped us along the way...

The Comedy Wire -- Pat Reeder & Laura Ainsworth's daily syndicated radio humor service.  Click here to see samples of their Comedy Wire material, to buy autographed copies of their book, "Nine Hallmarks of Highly Incompetent Losers," or to book Pat for a really funny speaking engagement about the Hallmarks of Losers.

Wings of Love Bird Haven - A wonderful volunteer parrot rescue that Laura supports.  She also writes a monthly column for their newsletter.  If you can spare a few bucks, please help out this very worthy organization! 

North Texas Skeptics/Laura's "Up A Tree" Comic Strip --Laura and Pat are longtime members of this group that promotes rational thought and good science.  Laura contributed her parrot-centric comic strip "Up A Tree" to their newsletter for several years while Pat was the editor.  You'll find a collection of her strips here, featuring some deceptively cute parrots based on their real pets.  For more laughs, poke around the site for Pat's old "Third Eye" columns.  It earned him a reputation in Skeptic circles as the P.J. O'Rourke of the paranormal.

Hollywood Hi-Fi  -- Read excerpts from Pat Reeder and George Gimarc's hilarious book about outrageous records by such woeful celebrity "singers" as Leonard Nimoy, Jack Webb and the Brady Bunch.  Hear clips and see Pat & George's video record reviews.  Hailed by the Phoenix Sun as "the best weird book of the year!"

Amy Rigby -- Home page of our friend, Amy Rigby, a wonderful, hilarious singer/songwriter and composer of the title track from "Keep It To Yourself."  Amy's many albums are all superb, and if they aren't in your CD collection, get cracking and buy them now!

Ken Levine -- This former writer for "Cheers," "MASH" and "Frasier" has the best site on the Internet for comedy writers or just for fans of that dying art form of the truly witty sitcom.  And check out his terrific podcast!

The Column  --  Dallas actor/critic  John Garcia's chatty, informative, hilarious and free e-mail newsletter that keeps you incredibly informed on theater happenings in both Dallas and New York. 

Some Friends You Should Know...

Koop Kooper's "Cocktail Nation" - The arbiter of all things cool, swank and tiki-tinged.  Shake up a martini and groove to podcasts of previous radio shows, including one where Koop interviewed Laura about her CD, "Necessary Evil."  

City World Radio - NYC's online radio station, featuring the terrific Great American Songbook show, "Lounging With Lombardi," hosted by legendary DJ, John Lombardi.

Lu Mitchell -- The queen of hilarious, satirical folk songs and Laura's BFF.  She is an inspiration to all late-bloomers, having worked as a secretary for 30 years before embarking on her now-illustrious musical career.  Don't get "lost in the mall," click this link and buy her CDs online!

Tom Grounds -- A wonderful singer, promoter of the cabaret art form, and heck of a nice guy.

Denise Lee -- The "Dallas Diva," one of our finest singer/actresses.  Not only plays cabarets and clubs, but if you've seen a musical in Dallas in recent years, chances are Denise was in it and won some sort of award for it.

Michael Gott -- Laura's partner in the hit revue, "Cole Porter: Elegance & Decadence,"

Women's Chorus of Dallas -- Like the sound of great female singers?  Now, imagine a whole lot of them singing together in perfect harmony.  Well, you don't have to imagine it: just check out the Women's Chorus of Dallas.  Click here for performance schedules and to buy their CDs.

The Jazz World

The Brian Piper Trio - Laura's amazing musical partner does many things, including lead his own modern jazz trio.  Sample and buy their CDs here.

The N'awlins Gumbo Kings - This traditional New Orleans jazz band is yet another of the multitalented Brian Piper's side projects.  The bassist Carl Hillman has also played live shows with Laura. 

John Adams - Learn more about the phenomenal bassist who contributes so much to Laura's sound.

Jazz Corner - A great resource for musicians or anyone interested in jazz.

All About Jazz - The name says it all.

Cafe Songbook - Home of the Great American Songbook online, with tons of information about the songs and songwriters that make up one of America's greatest treasures.

Cabaret Friends

Stu Hamstra's Cabaret Hotline -- An excellent source of news, reviews and info about performers in the cabaret scene, complete with links to their websites nationwide.

Les Michaels' "Life Is A Cabaret" newsletter - If you want to know anything about West Coast cabaret, from who's playing in Palm Springs to what auditions are open in L.A. to where to find a sober pianist on a Friday night, you must subscribe to Les' incredibly informative and entertaining (everything from New Yorker cartoons to old Doris Day movie clips) newsletter.

D.C. Anderson -- An amazing singer, a writer of songs both heartbreaking and hilarious, and just in general, an all-around great guy.  And who else would write a song with a title like, "My Ass Looks Fantastic"?

Links That Are Fun and/or Useful

SNOWBALL, the Dancing Cockatoo -- The cockatoo who scientifically provedd that birds have a sense of musical rhythm, although we already knew that from our dancing parrots and cockatoos.  Our whole house is like this every day.  Or LIKE FROSTIE, the Dancing Cockatoo, who may be even funnier. 

RADIO DISMUKE -- The music our parrots dance to all day long.  The greatest radio station on the Internet, all pop and jazz songs of about 1925-1935. 

BUST Magazine --  A cool magazine for creative women with attitude. 

Dr. Perricone -- Home of the diet doctor of PBS fame.  Laura follows his heavy-on-salmon, healthy diet and loves the results.  But even soldiers who are willing to lay down their lives for their leaders reserve the right to gripe about the food.  As Laura sings, to the strains of Puccini, "O worship Dr. Perricone..."
Women Business Directory - Thousands of links to sites owned by or of interest to women, in 705 categories, from singers to party planners to computer experts to travel agents to...Well, we could name 701 more, but you get the idea.

-- Links to thousands of humorous websites (like this one) divided into many categories, searchable and ranked by visitors.  Drop by and rate our site.  Please be kind!

Tom Lehrer --  Some critics have called Laura a sexier version of Tom Lehrer.  She won't argue since Tom Lehrer is a satirical genius, plus he can do math in his head.  Laura's tongue-twisting list of cosmetic brands, "These Are The Very Promise of a Youth That is Ephemeral," has been compared to Lehrer's "The Elements," which can be found here in a very clever Flash animation version.

Weird Al Yankovic -- Laura likes to say that if Julie Andrews and Weird Al Yankovic had a child, it would be her.  So visit her spiritual daddy and one of her all-time idols on the web and see his classics, his latest song parodies and much more!

Handbags!  -- A site that points you to all kinds of great handbags and accessories.   

Contact Lenses -- Find the contacts you need at a discount price from Just Lenses. Contact lenses for less right to your door.

The Wig Mall -- Exactly what you think it is.

LookDirectory.com  -- Human-Edited Web Directory - over 2,000,000 sites. 

DirectoryB2B.com -- Comprehensive Human-Edited Directory of busineses

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