Laura Ainsworth Press Archive
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“It can be called a ‘Laura Ainsworth showcase’.”

Jazz Critique Vol. 223, September 2021

“This album elegantly conveys the beauty of the standards.”

Jazz Japan Vol. 134, September 24, 2021

“The best album for experiencing the charm of this retro jazz diva.”

The Walker’s Vol. 66, September 2021

“This sounds like a modern day nostalgic story based on the jazz standards of the good old days...”

CD Journal, September 2021

“She is said to be a ‘Retro style jazz singer’ being good at finding obscure songs from the Great American Songbook and breathing new life into them. More than half of the songs on this album are older jazz numbers that are not well known, and she sings them with swing…”

Keizo Takada, MUSIC PEN CLUB JAPAN, September 2021


“This is a good project that brings about nostalgic vibe created mainly by a gorgeous big band that features local musicians. I want to take my time enjoying the atmosphere of this Texas Diva.”

Jazz Life, May 2019

“This album has great songs, such as the track ‘Necessary Evil’ that was recorded for the first time in 52 years. Her singing voice, which is praised as ‘satin’, reminds us of the singers from the 1930s–1940s. We can now enjoy authentic vocal jazz.”

Jazz Critique Vol. 211, September 2019

“Not only the retro artwork, but also her singing voice recalls the atmosphere of the good old times in the 1940s–1950s.”

The Walker’s Vol. 58, September 2019

“Even seasoned vocal jazz fans would find something new in this album.”

PJ Portrait In Jazz [online], October 18, 2019

“This album features songs that are relatively overlooked in standards circles and vocal jazz circles. Laura sings each song respectfully, and her performances brilliantly demonstrate each of these songs to be an important part of the Great American Songbook.”

Jazz Japan Vol. 111, October 24, 2019